About Us

We have a small Norwegian Forest Cat (NFO) cattery. The Norwegian Forest cat is a breed of cat originating in Norway. The Norwegian Forest Cat is a mystical breed, originally thought of as fairy cat.  Norse mythology tells that goddess Freya travelled in a chariot drawn by these cats.   A contrast between their wild appearance and sweet temper is striking. Paradoxically, after the Viking invasion of new territories, culture flourished there. We can see the beautiful Norman architecture in southern Italy, of course in Normandy and England, the Vikings play a great role in the formation of Kievan Rus. But we dare to say that perhaps the most important contribution of the Vikings to the culture is the Norwegian forest cats. Therefore, we named our cattery Vikings Heritage.

Our cattery is registered in two international organizations FIFe (registration number 14-H-17) and WCF (registration number 12186-2017).

Cat-Club SPb - our FIFe club  

WCF club Roscosh

Our cattery is located in Moscow Russia, but we can deliver our kittens to other regions and countries.

Our cats and kittens live with us as full members of the family and are perfectly socialized.

You can see detailed information about our kittens in the kittens section.

There is a lot of information on the Internet about our wonderful breed, however, I also decided to add a description.