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Norwegian forest cats catteries


Aborigen Cattery. Our beloved Gudmund was born in this cattery.

Gudmund father is from this cattery Norlandia*ru.

Жених нашей красавицы Carol Viking Heritage*RU - кот GR*Elvenstar's Count KunKun проживает в питомнике Norwegies Star.

Папа котят помета K живет в Санкт-Петербурге в питомнике Wes Bure.


Our youngest star is from Swedish cattery S*Little L's


Our brave babygirl Choctaw is from FI*RockyHill's cattery

The Netherlands

Our strong and brave Kalisha is from Dutch cattery Titran's


Our unforgettable beauty Lanfear is from German cattery Noctiluca's 


Our big and beatifull girl Alva Viking Heritage*RU  now in this cattery  Solar dos Bosques


Our  Baldrik Viking Heritage*RU and Brunhilde Viking Heritage*RU now in this French cattery Macrysala's 


We don't have from this cattery Chatterie de Kerluna but owners are very friendly and they have excellent cats

Other cat breeds catteries

Ragdoll cattery from Moscow ragdol.ru