The rainbow bridge
 Ch D*Noctiluca's Lanfear ns 22

                  (colour: black silver blotched tabby)

30.04.2018 - 25.07.2019


Sire: CH Holy Smoke's Rusty Cage, NFO ns 24

Dam: Muffin's  Breezepelt, NFO n 22

The breeder’s life consists of many joys, but grief also happens sometimes. Lanfear was a terrific cat - a great representative of the breed, she also had a great character. She became my favourite cat.
She also gave birth to amazing kittens and looked after them very well, but then the terrible happened - Lanfear passed away. We still cannot believe it.
Unfortunately, cases, when young cats die soon after the birth of kittens, are not so rare. Take care of your cats!
Lanfear - you will forever remain in our hearts - a young and insanely beautiful cat!

Murzik house cat

27.06.2001 - 25.10.2015

We had cats all our lives. And of course, we loved them all. But the domestic cat Murzik was special - a very smart and understanding cat. We can say that the history of our cattery began precisely with him. When he died, we were very sad, and then still decided to get a new cat. And then we realized that an ordinary average cat would not replace him, we decided to take a purebred, and when choosing a breed, one of the main criteria was the choice of character and intelligence. According to the descriptions, the Norwegian forest cats were supposed to come to us, and we were not mistaken.