Litter А. 25 September 2017 we had our first Norwegian forest cats litter born.  You can see photos of the kittens at the Galery.    Let us introduce every single kitten here.  You can click on the name of the kitten to see more photos. Since our cats are cats of Vikings, we gave them the Scandinavian names. The only exception Arthur - it was difficult to resist the temptation to name the kitten in honour of King Arthur, so in this case, the mythology turned out to be Celtic.  

Alva Viking Heritage*RU


Colour as 09 24 silver blue spotted tabby with white

The name is a female variant of Elf

With a new family

Asta Viking Heritage*RU 


n 22 (black blotched tabby)

The name is shortened version of Astrid could be translated as beloved by ggods . 

With a new family

Alf Viking Heritage*RU 


ns 24 (black silver spotted tabby)

The name meaning is Elf

With a new family

Artur Viking Heritage*RU 


as 03 (blue with white)

Named in honour of King Arthur)

With new family

Asger Viking Heritage*RU


Окрас as 22

(blue silver blotched tabby)

 The meaning of the name is a gods spear

Staying at home

Alda Viking Heritage*RU 

Female ns 09 24 (black blotched tabby with white)

The meaning of the name is a wave

With a new family

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